Jun 26, 2017

flexurie handcrafted

I took a plunge (more like a dive) and decided to start a craft business (here). I’ve been playing around and experimenting with my creative work for some time now and documenting it here for all of you.

Feb 17, 2017


I am excited to announce that I have launched my signature collection in collaboration with VIDA.

They approached me back in November and I didn't get to creating artwork for them until...now (shout out to Opus' 28 day practice for getting me off my ass!)

After some careful and thorough (and continuous) research into the company, I decided to partner with them by contributing my artwork. This is mostly my fabric print design (aka surface design), not the typical fashion illustrations you've been seeing from me.

We are so excited! To celebrate they have offered some promotions!

Feb 1, 2017


DISCLAIMER: If you want better look at the images, you're free to click on them. I'll figure this image thing out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Since Christmas I've been eyeing this dress to wear to my boyfriend's, cousin's wedding (which I found while shopping for everyone else). I figured it was better to wait until I recover financially from the Christmas season before buying making the purchase. Then we were requested to take on a bigger role in the wedding ceremony because the original couple had a baby on the way and she's due basically on the day of the wedding. The wedding theme was champagne with red accents so I figured I needed to add some kind of champagne to my outfit to blend with the wedding better.

Jan 14, 2017


If you've been following me on instagram, you'll see that I've posted a bunch of fashion design sketches inspired by my trip to Enchant. For those of you who live outside of Vancouver, Enchant is Christmas light maze and Christmas market. The place is also surrounded by food trucks, an outdoor-ish bar and a beverage shop in the market. You really get the holiday feel when you're there. Plus you get lost in a maze of Christmas lights, like what more can you ask for?

Jan 10, 2017


Happy New Year friends!

Upgrade your tee with sexy bows and peek-a-boo details for a badass workout or play date.

I had a photoshoot coming up and all my shirts were dirty (of course). So I took this tee and upgraded it at work on the fly. Ironically enough there's no sewing machine in the office (and I work for a clothing company, go figure). So fabric glue came into my rescue. Also I realized that tape makes a pretty good point marker since it works for any color.

I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Dec 8, 2016


Bra: Zumbawear, Hyper Melt Metallic V Bra (in Galaxy) | zumbashop canada
Leggings: lululemon, *legging* (in emperor blue) | lululemon

Hello friends!

I've been sick, part 2, but I got lots to share with you! For now, I've picked up a few subbing gigs. If you're in the Vancouver area you're all welcome to come. I promise a good time and a good workout ;)

I can't promise I'd be wearing the same outfit as the beauty above though...

Nov 22, 2016



Upgrade your tee to a sexy back of half knots. They move with you and they're just as cute as you and it's really easy.

If you're not much of a sewer I recommend some fabric glue on this one.


Hi Friends! :)

Guess what? I got challenged, kind of! XD

If you follow me on insta, you'll notice that this past weekend I made the last minute decision to take up a challenge and enter a contest (details here). I just posted about it now, because the winner's been announced which are these beauties: 1st place, 2nd place.

Nov 10, 2016


Hello friends!

First of all, I apologize for my multiple weeks of absence. As a noob blogger, I know it’s not the smartest thing to disappear for a couple weeks, especially after launching. As much as I do have reasons, excuses aren’t very cool either. So basically, I’m back, and I’m here to stay…ideally. Please don’t leave me.